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Dr. Shruti Hariyani, Graduate student, 2018-2023

Thesis: Expanding the Crystal Chemistry of Rare-Earth Substituted Oxide and Mixed Anion Inorganic Phosphors

Now: Post Doctoral Associate at Texas A&M

Dr. Gordon Peterson, Post-doctoral fellow, 2020-2022

Now: Post-doctoral fellow at Argonne National Laboratories

Dr. Adheesha Danthanarayana, Graduate student, 2016-2022

Thesis: Luminescent Materials as Diagnostic Reporters in Lateral Flow Assays

Now: Scientist at Alamar Biosciences

Dr. Ya Zhuo, Graduate student, 2016-2021

Thesis: Developing Rare-Earth Substituted Inorganic Phosphors through Machine Learning

Now: Senior Applications Engineer at FujiFilm

Dr. Sogol Lotfi, Graduate student, 2015-2020

Thesis: Discovering Intermetallics through Synthesis, Computation, and Data-Driven Analysis

Now: Computational Materials Scientist at Nissan Motor Corporation 

Dr. Jiyou Zhong, Visiting researcher, 2018-2019

Now: Assistant Professor of Physics at Guangdong University of Science and Technology (China)

Dr. Aria Mansouri Tehrani, Graduate student, 2014-2019

Thesis: Development of Sustainable Superhard Materials

Now: Post Doctoral Associate at MIT

Dr. Erin Finley, Graduate student, 2014-2019

Thesis: Structure-Composition Relationships and Their Influence on Long Luminescent Lifetimes in Persistent Luminescent Phosphors
Now: R&D Research Chemist at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dr. Anna C. Duke, Graduate student, 2014-2018

Thesis: Identifying Crystal Structure Characteristics to Facilitate the Development of Rare-Earth Substituted Inorganic Phosphors 
Now: Research Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories


Dr. Anton Oliynyk, Post-doctoral fellow, 2016-2017

Now: Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Hunter College

Dr. Martin Hermus, Post-doctoral fellow, 2014-2016

Now: Phosphor Scientist at OSRAM-Munich

Darren DoanUndergraduate researcher, 2022-2023

Aria LoloeeUndergraduate researcher, 2020-2022

Lily HuangUndergraduate researcher, 2019-2021

Aileen Martinez-Escobar, Undergraduate researcher, 2019-2021

Shihai You, Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) graduate exchange visiting researcher, 2019-2020

Dania Almosuli, Undergraduate researcher, 2019-2020

Pablo Delgado, Undergraduate researcher, 2019-2020

Mariam Khan, Undergraduate researcher, 2019-2020

Alina Flores, Undergraduate researcher, 2018-2020

Blake Day, Graduate researcher, 2018-2020

Edward Armijo, Undergraduate researcher, 2018-2019

Sean Orioli, Undergraduate researcher, 2018-2019

Anna Kareva, Undergraduate researcher, 2018-2019

Lorena Jimenez Viveros, Undergraduate researcher, 2017-2018

Timothy Tran, Undergraduate researcher, 2016-2018

Amber Lim, Undergraduate researcher, 2016-2018


Gayatri Viswanathan, Undergraduate researcher, 2016-2018


Sean Bailey, Undergraduate researcher, 2016-2018


Phu-Cuong Phan, Undergraduate researcher, 2014-2017


Sean Eli, Undergraduate researcher, 2015-2016


Angelica Cobb, Undergraduate researcher, 2015-2017


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